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At a Summer Winds resort, the opportunities are endless, the resorts are spectacular and the service is unparalleled. Summer Winds’ founders, Joseph Pat Joyce and Dawn M. Joyce are no strangers to the resort industry. Joined by partners Darren Abbott and Rich Dowdell, they collectively contribute more than 75 years of experience and success in the vacation ownership industry to Summer Winds Resort Services. Since its inception more than 10 years ago, Summer Winds has continued to grow and prosper under this strong leadership team. Adding new resorts, establishing new partnerships, building a seasoned and diverse executive management team headed by Christopher Varisco and setting new standards in the vacation ownership industry, Summer Winds offers vacation opportunities to its owners that are limited only by the imagination. As a testament to our strong leadership in the vacation travel industry and our commitment to delivering the highest level of hospitality and service, Stormy Point Village was awarded Interval Internationals Elite Status. An Elite Resort displays the highest level of recognition, providing outstanding vacation experience, with state-of-the-art conveniences, and modern features and appointments. In addition, Interval International also awarded The Chairman's Club Award to Stormy Point Village for a Top 25 Resort Performance Company Worldwide.


For over 25 years, the Summer Winds team has developed award-winning programs and luxury resorts that thousands of owners enjoy. With over 400 employees working across the country, Summer Winds Resort Services has become one of the fastest growing hotel and resort entities in the U.S.



That is the Summer Winds brand promise. To ensure the best vacation for our owners, Summer Winds Resort Services is dedicated to providing an exceptional hospitality experience in spectacular surroundings by delivering quality service and offering the ultimate value and flexibility in vacation ownership opportunities.

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