Summer Winds Resorts provide the conveniences of a vacation home and the advantages of resort services in preferred vacation destinations worldwide. Experience the peace of mind that comes from owning beautiful, spacious resort vacations every year for the rest of your life. Start enjoying the vacations that you have dreamed of.

Top 10 Reasons To Own
  • Exceptional resort activities & amenities
  • Worldwide owner resort exchange privileges
  • Luxury accommodations
  • 1, 2, 3 & 4 Bedroom Cottage Homes/Condos vs. Hotel Rooms
  • Vacations with more freedom and flexibility
  • Future ownership for your heirs
  • Unique adventure-travel alternatives
  • Enhance your lifestyle
  • Outstanding value
  • Lifetime of vacations
Frequently Asked Questions

You can call Owner Services at 1-800-699-3250 with any questions you may have. Our offices are available Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Sunday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Your Use Year is the year in which you have a week of Use Time (vacation time) at Stormy Point Village. For your use year you can book your reservation (Use Time) up to one year in advance. Another option is to bank the week with II and exchange anytime within the next two years or you may bank your week internally which gives you two years to return to Stormy Point Village. To book/bank your owner usage week, Maintenance Fees must be paid in full for the use year that is being booked.

Your use year is listed on your ‘purchase agreement,’ also referred to as your Interval Ownership Contract.

Our Owner Services agents are available to assist owners to better understand how to use and get the most out of your vacation ownership. Contact us at 1-800-699-3250.

Just call 1-800-699-3250 to reach one of our agents that will work with you to select a future date for your next visit to Stormy Point Village. Or, you can have this agent assist with depositing your week (commonly known as banking) for an exchange to any location around the world. We primarily utilize the Interval International list of destinations. Another option you have is to bank internally to hold your week for two years to return to Stormy Point Village.

Contact Owner Services to find the right option for your travel needs. With a current membership to Interval International, you may deposit your week with them. You will have two years to use your week through their exchange system. You also have other options such as the Maintenance Fee Reimbursement Program (MFRP), Owner Rental Program, or Internal Banking which gives you two years to return to Stormy Point Village. The deadline for II or internal banking is October 1 of your usage year. *Once you enter into one of these programs, it is irreversible. If you do not notify Owner Services of what you want to do with your owner week during your usage year, it is forfeited.

Yellow season is the first nine weeks of the year. If it’s your usage year and you own in yellow season, you must contact Owner Services within the first nine weeks of the year to use your owner week back at Stormy Point Village, bank with Interval International or internally bank. Another option is to do a season upgrade for the year. You can call Owner Services 30 days or less before you want to arrive and if the week is available, pay $150 for the week. Season upgrades are based solely on availability and never guaranteed.

You can Exchange your week with Interval International (II) to more than 3,000 resorts around the world by contacting Owner Services. Our agents will assist in having your owner usage week ‘banked’ (deposited) in the Interval International (II) database for use at another date. Summer Winds will pay your exchange fee so be sure to call to initiate your deposit. You may also bank internally to return to Stormy Point Village within two years. Should you have an exchange company other then Interval International (II) that you want to use, we can still assist you with the steps needed to get your week banked. However, we will not cover the exchange fee outside of II.

You may log on to their website at www.intervalworld.com to see exchange options or call their exchange department. Exchange fees will be paid by Summer Winds. Call Owner Services for assistance.

MFRP = Maintenance Fee Reimbursement Program. The MFRP opens November 1 each year for the following year and remains open until February 28 or until the program is full, whichever occurs first. You relinquish your owner week and it will be placed in the rental pool. Approximately 45 days after the completion of your assigned week, you will receive a check for $499 guaranteed.

MFRP = You may request to be in the Owner Rental Program (OR). This program does not guarantee a return. All maintenance fees must be current and paid in full. You will relinquish your owner week to the Rental Department. If your week is rented, you’ll receive 75% of the monies collected approximately 45 days after the guest checks out.

Bonus time is inventory remaining after owners have booked their owner usage weeks. Bonus Time reservations may be made 30 days or less prior to the date you want to arrive. You may rent a two or three bedroom cottage with a two night minimum. Bonus time is based solely on availability and is never guaranteed. To book a Bonus Time reservation at Stormy Point Village, contact Owner Services . All maintenance fees must be current.

You have access to Summer Winds Travel and Cruise. There you can purchase unlimited family weeks and get help with travel arrangements. Go to their and enter your username and password. These were provided to you by email. On their website you ll find Hot Weeks starting at $399. They also have Stormy Point Rental Weeks as well as many other resort destination weeks you may purchase. If you dont find what you are looking for, simply call and put in a request and they will check their many resources to find the best option for you.

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